About Pawprints 

We are a group of professionals who share a passion for animals and believe they deserve excellence in clinical care if they need help.

We all have experience of working with animals in various situations, and in January 2018, we set up our own wildlife specific charity.

We are based at "The Hoggery" in Hoylake and have seen visitors as large as foxes and as small as baby field mice through our doors in the two and a half years since they opened.


Our guests have prickles, fur, feathers and some have none at all through age or illness - and each one is cared for as gently and as carefully as if it were the only living creature. Every one is special.

A key policy of all we do at The Hoggery, is our strict “hands off” ethos.

We believe the wildlife are in our care to facilitate their swift and healthy return to the wild.

For this reason, we ensure only fully trained and experienced team members can handle the "patients", administer any sort of clinical care – or assist with cleaning and feeding.

This “hands off” and natural way of working is reinforced by ensuring each room is lit by daylight, maintaining the diurnal and seasonal behaviours of the creatures in our care.

By the time hedgehogs or other little creatures are found or are brought to us, they are often in very bad condition and all the love and care in the world cannot give them the miracle cure we so wish for.

But it still means they can pass with dignity and in many cases avoid the stress and pain of a long drawn out death.

We can help them when they can no longer help themselves.


© 2018 Pawprints Wildlife Rescue

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@wirralpaws | 0151 317 8880


40b Carsthorne Road, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 4FB

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